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Hollywood smile

Yellow teeth and dental caries are no longer a big worry but people always seek having a perfect smile. like Hollywood celebrities, or what is known now in cosmetic dentistry as “Hollywood smile”.

A Hollywood smile is a combination of cosmetic veneers or composite lumineers designed with the highest modern techniques where the dentist takes the teeth measurements by a digital device after making the necessary edits, then sends it over to a device that helps to give an identical replica of the teeth without the need for tooth reduction or traditional dentures. Eventually, the patient gets a total smile makeover in very short time.

Hollywood smile is a safe procedure; it doesn’t get affected by food and beverages pigments such as coffee and tea. Hollywood smile also helps with some of the teeth and gum issues. Thus, it has become a necessity because it gives the patient the needed relief and comfort. Whereas dentists ensure that the shape of your teeth is a crucial element that affects your appearance and impacts first impressions, positively.

Essential features of Hollywood Smile:

  • It helps in treating some of the teeth issues.
  • It has no known side effects.
  • Suitable for all ages starting 18 years old.
  • It gives the patient more relief and confident.
  • The validity date for the substitute is up to 5 years.
  • The Hollywood smile cost is reasonable and within budget.

The dentist takes into consideration several vital parameters before designing the new shape of the patient’s smile like:

  1. The color of Hollywood smile which is nearly matching both, the skin color and the natural color of the original teeth.
  2. An accurate analysis of teeth shape and jaw.
  3. The dentist chooses between two types, cosmetic veneers or composite lumineers, according to the patient’s case and readiness.

The patient should keep on using toothpaste and mouth wash after getting the Hollywood smile. In addition, following up with the respective dentist every 6 months is very necessary for the patient to ensure his teeth health on a regular basis.

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